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10 photos to whet your appetite for travel

Every vacation that we embark on is an opportunity to live the extraordinary. This is a collection of photos of some of the world’s greatest cities taken by people who were doing precisely that.

Whether it’s the head of an ant as seen through the lens of a National Geographic photographer, or the epic skyscape of modern metropolis, let yourself be inspired by the beauty that we take for granted on our travels. Time to wipe off the dust on the Nikon and start planning your shutterbug adventure.

(Try to guess the names of the cities in the comments below.)

Where is this marvelous city? Batman would know

Copyright by Sprengben

Lands are low but people are not

Copyright by Moyan Brenn

Where could history be immortalized on such a grim canvas

Copyright by Verónica Fagúndez Ravelo

The quintessential city that never sleeps

Copyright by Andrew Mace

A monument to past glories

Copyright by Ng Sue Lin

Where is this calming tide?

Copyright by Akira ASKR


This might just be a little too easy for some.

Copyright by Maria

“He’s just a poor boy from a poor family”

Copyright by Juan Rubiano

These mailboxes were made to last an eternity

Copyright by Ng Sue Lin

If you look carefully, you can see the unusual in the midst of tradition

Copyright by Foto Havlin

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Written by , May 20, 2012