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11 tips to get that first booking on 9flats

So it seems that the world and his dog is offering apartments, mansions, pubs, igloos and huts for rent. For the vast majority, it is sadly a painful waiting game for that first booking. Here are 10 tips to avoid that pain:

1. Buy or borrow an SLR camera for shooting photos of your place

Your place looks good, probably great. That’s why you live there. However, nobody will see it unless you have a good camera to do it justice.

2. Allocate sufficient time, for instance the entire morning on Saturday

There are very few things that guarantee bad quality as surely as a rushed job.

3. Switch on all the lights for photo taking

This is actually the easiest thing you can do to improve the quality of your photos, instantly!

4. Photograph the exterior facade of the building

Not only does it make someone feel more secure knowing what your neighbourhood is like, they will also be able to recognize the building when they do actually come

5. Photograph nearby amenities like a subway, parks, even cafes

Descriptions always mention amenities. To stand out, try showing them in your photos as well.

6. Lay the good china out for the photoshoot

Everybody has those special rugs, china, candelabras, that are kept for a special occasion. Whip them out for the shoot. If impressing the guests is your aim, what could be better than impressing visitors around the world who can tour your home virtually.

7. Choose a good title

A good rule of thumb is to follow the “room type” + “location or landmark” combination. “Loft overlooking the Thames near the Strand”. Specific adjectives like “Baroque” or “Zen” are good, while generic ones like “Unbelievable” are precisely that.

8. Use captions to tell a story about the photo

Most times, captions are left unfilled. This is unfortunate, as a good set of captions can add much depth and character to a shot. A painting on a wall can have generations of meaning, or a kitchen shot could be a testimonial to how much you love to cook. It’s a neglected step in the listing process.

9. Arrange the photos in a sequence

Photos that are arranged randomly make your home layout incomprehensible. You can start from photos of outside, to your living room, to the bedroom, or any other order you can think of, as long as it’s easy to comprehend.

10. Write a description that reflects what is important to you

The description that you write reflects who you are. List the features of your home in bullet point if it makes you feel more comfortable. If that doesn’t work for you, try writing in full sentences. If your description is as formal and snappy as a real estate listing, it is likely you can expect guests who are equally business-like.

11. Start with a low price

It is a good idea to offer accommodation for a lower price at the beginning. Once you have that first booking, you can adjust your pricing accordingly. Use your pricing lever judiciously.

It is true that the hardest step is the first one. Hope these tips help you or someone you know to cross that chasm. If you have more questions or just want to get in touch, visit us on facebook, tweet us, or write us a comment below.

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Written by , May 4, 2012