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How maps can save you from shame and embarassment

This is the second in a series of posts containing practical advice on how to have a safe, enjoyable trip when vacationing with 9flats. Part 1 is here.
Last time I wrote about the importance of making sound arrangements for handing over your keys. This week continues with a simple check list.
After you give over the keys, often you will give a short tour of the apartment and have a short chat. Take the opportunity to tell them about the neighbourhood and amenities within walking distance. This may include:

  • bus or train station,
  • laundry,
  • supermarket or corner shop,
  • any place you can get a quick bite

can you guess the city?

It’s certainly a nice bonus if you mark these locations on the traveller’s great ally – the city map.

Otherwise your guest might be struck by late night hunger pangs, or worse, pangs of nausea when the toilet paper runs out.

Enjoy hosting!


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Written by , March 8, 2012