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Jamie Dunn’s 19 cities in 19 days

Jamie Dunn Entrepreneur9flats would like to introduce you to Jamie Dunn.

Who is he? A 19 year old entrepreneur of youth sponsorship who set off travelling on the 19th of June 2011 and aims to visit 19 cities in 19 days! As if that isn’t enough, en route he wants to give 19 motivational speeches too!

The 9flats team were so inspired by Jamie and his story that we are supporting him on his travels. We’ve made it easy for him to book and stay in 9flats apartments across Europe to make his journey more comfortable.

Going by the name of @JDEntrepreneur, Jamie put a shout out on Twitter looking for holiday apartments in Lisbon. We provided him with a link to our listings there, and this is how we first got to know each other.

I have already described Jamie as inspiring, you can take a look at his website to find out all about him. In short, Jamie struggled in school, but excelled at being an entrepreneur. He was one of the lucky few chosen out of thousands of applicants to take part in the Peter Jones National Enterprise Academy in Britain.

Motivated by what he learned there, upon completion of that program he began to mentor teenagers, encouraging them to also reach for their dreams and succeed. To date he has mentored around around 600 young people, helping them achieve their life goals and giving them hope for the future. Jamie is a professional speaker and is also the Youth Ambassador of the Educational Charity BXL and is also the the Managing Director of two businesses.

Pretty impressive eh? We think that Jamie’s mission to help young people is definitely worth talking about and supporting.

Read all about Jamie’s travels on his blog

Happy travelling Jamie!

Written by , June 21, 2011