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19 Flats 19 Cities – Jamie’s Adventure so far

We talked about Jamie Dunn in a previous blog post – At the age of 19, Jamie is attempting to travel to 19 cities in 19 days and 9flats are supporting him in this endeavour.

Here’s how he’s been getting on…

On the 19th of June he travelled to Lisbon  and held a workshop for student entrepreneurs. The next day he arrived in Madrid and 9flats provided him with some travel vouchers to help him out.

On the 21st he made it to Barcelona, but the schedule was so tight he had barely arrived when he had to start on a journey to Paris. In the French capital Jamie got to see the city by walking around, taking in the sights and he even happened to see The Black Eyed Peas as they left their hotel!

Yesterday, the 23rd of June he passed through two countries in order to get to Amsterdam where he stayed at 9flats member Chef D’s Amsterdam apartment (pictured above).

And tomorrow…Jamie arrives in Berlin, where the main 9flats office is.

Bis bald Jamie!

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Written by , June 24, 2011