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2012 London Olympics in 3D

Are you travelling to London for the Olympics?

We hope if you are that you will stay in a 9flats apartment.


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Some lucky people will get to see the sporting events in reality, the rest of us will watch on television, however, for the television viewsers, we have the news that that experience will be greatly enhanced.

Next year, even without being there, you can get to experience the London Olympics in three dimensions. Watch as javelins appear to fly out of the screen and into your face! Hurdlers jumping right at you! Feel as if you’re personally crossing the finish-line!

Panasonic recently announced that next year’s London Olympic Games are going to be broadcast live in 3D. They also unveiled their video camera in a news conference in Berlin. So far, over a dozen broadcasters have signed up to the deal, but Panasonic hope that many more will be added to that list.

The technology to create 3D films has been around since the 1950s, but the real resurgence of it was due to the film Avatar in 2009. More than 40 Olympic venues will be be filmed using the 3D cameras, which means that next year those of us without tickets will all sit at home (or in our 9flats apartments!) wearing 3D glasses, glued to our screens.


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Written by , September 1, 2011