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Naples in April: America’s Cup

April in Naples is a time of  fine spring weather, and lively streets not yet swamped by a sea of touristy humanity. Take advantage of these beautiful times to savour Neapolitan pizza, weather, and world-class sailing action.


  1. America’s Cup begins April 7
    http://youtu.be/HX7tFA6oBEIThe world’s most famous competitive sailing event comes to the southern tip of the Italian peninsula. View the action from the viewing gallery or a local bistro bar. You’ll never see seacraft that perform acrobatics like skimming the water at a 45 degree angle tilt elsewhere. (or performing the most spectacular capsizes you have never seen.)


  2. Cruise of the Bay of Naples

    The bay of Naples and it’s surroundings truly do justice to the description picturesque. There are ferry and hydrofoil services shuttling between Naples and the nearby island of Capri. Watching the view, one is reminded of the jealousy-inducing Desktop wallpapers on your well-traveled colleague’s Macbook, with the significant difference being that this is real, and you are witnessing it.

  3. Pizza!
  1. Fit for a queen

    The famous Margherita, named after Queen Margherita of Savoy, is as magnificent as its namesake. Queen Margherita’s nephew scaled one of the highest peaks in Africa and named it in her honour, while she once scaled a mountain to inaugurate a mountain hut also named after her. This humble pizza is indeed in exalted company, and when you are lounging on a piazza somewhere enjoying the sun, and you catch a whiff of its rarefied aroma, remember that it is doubtless the most aristocratic pizza there is.

PS. some of our great Neapolitan hosts agreed to expand their listings for the expected crowd. I leave you with a few of our top picks for stays:

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Written by , March 21, 2012