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5 New Year’s Eve travel tips

Every year, it’s the same old story. You say, this New Year’s Eve we’ll do something different, organise it earlier… but, as usual, time slips away and suddenly its already December. By which time it’s too late to plan anything. So, you decide either to book something completely overpriced, or stay at home and spend New Year’s like every year – bored on the couch. For those of you who still want to plan something special this time, here are our top five 9flats tips for an amazing start to 2012…

1. New Year’s with friends
You sit with your friends in a car and drive to the big city. Here, you’ll all find plenty to do. Shopping and sightseeing during the day, evenings all together in a cosy restaurant and afterwards, party-time! Many people love to spend New Year’s Eve in a public place, like Prague’s Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí) and Wenceslas Square. 100,000 visitors come to celebrate New Year’s in ‘city of a hundred spires’ every year.

2. Romantic time together
Vienna is the perfect place for couples to celebrate New Year’s. The city has many romantic old cafés where you can snuggle for hours with your loved one. If that’s not romantic enough, take them on a horse-drawn carriage ride through Vienna before the fireworks begin. Unforgettable!

3. Snow and ski

White is the perfect colour for those chilly days between Christmas and New Year’s. If a white house isn’t enough for you, head to the mountains for a bit of skiing or tobogganing.

4. New Year’s with the family
For some, it’s important to spend New Year’s Eve, like Christmas, with the whole family. How nice would it be for all of you to go away on a trip together? The best idea is to go to the countryside, where you can go for long walks and share a lovely big house. There, you can feel at home with the whole family around you, while being on holiday at the same time – a perfect way to start the New Year.

5. Sun, summer, sunshine
The sun’s going down… time to go up and away! While the rest of Europe spends New Year’s Eve wrapped up in scarves and gloves, why not pack your bags and fly to the sun? It’s still toasty and warm in Thailand,  South America… or Bondi Beach in Australia (below), but please don’t forget the sunscreen, and be ready for the envious looks when you bring a suntan back with you.

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Written by , November 24, 2011