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5 things I love about Hamburg

This week we will be blogging about Hamburg, the second biggest city in Germany.

I’ve been living in Hamburg for three years now and have come to love it!
Here are 5 things I love about the city:

1. The City Center: it is historic, lively and there are countless options for cafés, shopping and sightseing

2. Nature: Hamburg is an absolutely green city with its big lake the Alster and many parks where you can spend time in summer

3. Multicultural, international flair: Hamburg is a German city but host to the world! In 3 years, I’ve gotten to know so many international people from Kenya, Iran, Dubai, France, USA, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Denmark, Ghana, Turkey, Russia, …… I love sitting in a park close to our flat seing so many different people from different cultures forming a culture of our own!

4. Lifestyle: I’ve lived a few cities and it seems that Hamburg has a special “thing” for lifestyle. No matter where you’re from, how much money you make or what your interests are, you can always find people that share your lifestyle – and that way make it fun and something special

5. Nightlife: Hamburg is famous for it’s night life. Of course, the Reeperbahn has many bars and clubs, but other spots like Schanze or St. Georg have a lot to offer as well!

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Written by , March 14, 2011