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9 Berlin insider tips

1. Black light golfing in Görlitzer Park

The entrance to this fun factory is through a backdoor. You can play minigolf in the dark on a meadow or in outer space. This is a must do visitors to Berlin as well as Berliners!

2. Get drunk on 10 Euros

This is possible in Friedrichshain, particularly if it doesn’t take much liquor to get you tipsy! I wrote some instructions and of course tested it on myself.

3. St. Oberholz, aka Mac Hell

Sometimes I wonder whether it’s a circus or a cafe! The density of Apple Macs per table is unbelievable and the cake is delicious. Great to observe and try out yourself.

4.Café Fleury

This is located just around the corner from St. Oberholz and is great for those who aren’t a big fan of electro. It’s best in summer, when you can have breakfast on the terrace enjoying Berlin’s sunshine. There’s loads of sweet as well as savoury stuff on  offer, so you should be able to find something suitable. Find my report here.

5. Bützow Privat

Cosy, private and cute, and all in Berlin’s Mitte! This is a culinary and architectural delight with German cuisine and a hearty cheese platter. Booking in advance is recommended!

6. Nola’s at Weinberg

Switzerland comes to Berlin! Cheese fondue, dinner-plate-sized Berner Rösti, Toblerone Mousse au Chocolat – if this hasn’t convinced you, then how about the mountain panorama view from Berlin’s Weinberg hill?

7. Berghain

Impossible to put into words. You have to experience it for yourself! A very unique club.

8. Personalised chocolate

At the Ritter Sport shop you can watch them make your own custom-ordered chocolate. A must-see and must-do for all foodies!

9. My host Eike’s recommendation: Il Santo, the cosy Italian restaurant on Elisabethkirchstrasse

Obviously I don’t make any recommendations without testing them myself. I went, and it was amazing! Fresh pasta, good wine and don’t even get me started on dessert. A cosy small restaurant, so romantic!

Have fun in Berlin


Photos (top to bottom): Bergfels; Daryl Mitchell


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Written by , April 3, 2011