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9 of the best travel apps

1: World Lens.

You’re on the road and you see a sign or a menu that you don’t understand? Aim your iPhone or iPad camera at the text and watch as the translation magically appears. We love the concept, but it would be great to have it for Android too. The other issue is that it only translates from Spanish to English and vice versa, but seeing that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, it was a good one to start with. However, with a name like World Lens you can be sure that other languages will become available soon. We can’t wait. They have a video explaining all about it on Youtube.

2: Cool Places.

This app is all about travel guides for the UK. It provides well written guides to places around Britain with more being added all the time. For more information visit their website.

3: Skype.

This is a very obvious addition to your travel apps. Find a wireless access point to cut down on roaming charges and call those dear to you more cheaply. Here’s the Android download link and here is the iPhone link.

4: Waze.

Firstly the name is a great play on the word ‘ways’! Through using crowdsourcing, this app basically gathers up-to-the minute information on anything to do with traffic, from road-works to traffic jams. According to their website: Voice guided turn-by-turn navigation on your mobile. Real-time, user-generated traffic and road reports. Alternative routes option. Twitter, Facebook & Foursquare integration. Cool social elements that connect you to other drivers on the road. Here’s the download link.

5: AllSubway HD.

From the name this sounds like this is just for American subway systems, but don’t worry, this app also displays maps of 137 different underground systems from around the world. Unfortunately, only available for iPad and iPhone at the moment. Download it from here.

6: Pocket First Aid & CPR

This app is from the American Heart Association. This might not seem relevent to your travels, but having the information to hand could help save your life or someone else’s while you roam around the world. There is among much more other useful information, first aid, how to treat burns and how to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Download it here.

7: Foodspotting.

Is the thought of trying out lots of new types of food your favourite part of travelling? Then this is the app for you! Find photos and recommendations (called ‘noms’) of the best dishes served at restaurants around the world. Download it here.

8: Gowalla

Gowalla allows you to check into places and write your review of them, but unlike similar apps, this one is geared towards the traveller, specifically allowing you to upload photos, plan trips and get restaurant rewards. Download the app from here.

9: Trover.

This app is new to the market available on Trover.com. You can access it if you have either a facebook or Twitter account. The ideas is to have travel recommendations from friends all gathered together in the one place.

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Written by , August 1, 2011