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9 Unique Choices of Accommodation

Teepee in Wales

Would you like to experience a Native Indian tradition and stay overnight in a teepee? Or wake up tomorrow in a grand, luxurious (and affordable) apartment? To make your holiday an unforgettable experience, 9flats has 9 choices of unique accommodation to show you!

Is sitting around the campfire with friends one of your favorite things to do? Do you always want to go camping and enjoy the chirp of crickets at night? Stay overnight the traditional North American Indian way, in what is called a Tipi-tent – not on the prairie however, but in Wales.



Blue and cream interior

Or do you prefer luxury? You are guaranteed a breathtaking view of Gdansk Bay from this modern accommodation, and hopefully you’re not afraid of heights since you’ll be looking out onto the Baltic Sea from the 3







appartamento studio Montmartre

For sightseeing in Paris, this cosy home located at the Sacré-Coeur Basilica is not to be missed. This studio apartment is not only centrally located, but also a great bargain.







appartamento algrave spagna con piscina

Beach boys and bathing beauties take note, this amazing accommodation at the Algarve in Portugal is pretty hot! Here you can cool off in the pool as well as the sea, and in the evenings take a stroll along the unique red sandstone cliffs.







casa galleggiante amsterdam appartamentoFor those of you who always wanted to sleep on a houseboat, this accommodation in Amsterdam is perfect for you. Whether you like to bike around the city, hang out in the hammock, or swim in the Amstel – the houseboat is the best starting point for your activities.







appartamento istambul centraleWater also plays a large role in this fascinating accommodation in Istanbul, although without your feet getting wet! This somewhat different design-home is located directly on Taksim Square at the Bosphorus, and stands out from other accommodation thanks to the soft blue lighting and remarkable design.






appartamento roma piazza di spagna

You will feel as though you are in another world in this antique-furnished accommodation in the center of Rome. The interior is perfectly coordinated and lovingly detailed. Imagine you’ve been transported to the 19th century – while experiencing the comforts of home in the 21st century.







loft appartamento studio barcellona

This studio in Barcelona, Spain is also perfectly equipped. ‘Good things come in small packages’ as the saying goes and while this studio is compact, it has everything you need. The elegant bedroom has been integrated into the home as a loft and offers you plenty of space to rest up from your sightseeing.






capanna casa di legno


If you need a break from the big city, it’s best to go to Habichtswald in Germany. In the midst of nature you can watch deer and wild boar here, and stroll and wander around the Hessian Warmetal. A must for nature lovers!









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Written by , July 14, 2011