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9flats accepts payments with Bitcoins

From today every guest can also pay their booking on 9flats with Bitcoins.

Accepting Bitcoins

Are you wondering what Bitcoins are? Well this is a digital currency, virtually coins in electronic form. This payment method exists since 2009 and is growing in popularity which is explained by the rising exchange rates. Keeping it brief Bitcoins is free money that is decentralised and not subject to any institution. It is an anonymous and at the same time secure means of payment as a complex encryption procedure is implemented when using Bitcoins. Anybody can generate and use Bitcoins. A transfer is initiated in just seconds.

Enough arguments for us as first market place of peer-to-peer renting to decided to integrate Bitcoins into our payment processes next to other established payment options such credit card and Paypal. This was achieved faster and far easier than we had expected and now we are proud to offer such a simple and globally valid payment method to everyone. The only restriction is that we can only provide this as a payment method for instant bookable places.

Of course we don’t know whether Bitcoins is going to be the currency of the future but we are amazed how well the concept works in practice and are looking forward to the first guests which decide to pay their bookings this way on 9flats.

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Written by , April 5, 2013