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9flats around the world

You may have noticed the wide variety of European apartments on 9flats.com, but have you spotted the listings from around the world that are beginning to appear? Keep an eye on your favourite destinations and watch as more hosts discover 9flats and list their accommodation in exotic destinations. To show some examples, here are three properties and 9flats hosts outside of Europe.

Host Sanjai S. in Jaipur, India

Here is luxury yet affordable accommodation in India. “This home stay in Jaipur is located in a peaceful, quiet residential colony.”

Host Jananya H in Japan

 Jananya H describes her accommodation as “private, beautiful, traditional Japanese rooms” located in Tokyo and near to the airport, restaurants, the Tokyo Art Centre and much much more. And here is Jananya H’s profile, as you can see from her profile picture, she appears like a welcoming, open person who you would be more than happy to get to know while visiting Tokyo. She herself says “I love meeting new people from all over the world”.

Host Jennifer E in Mexico

Jennifer has lived in Zihuatanejo for 10 years and has years of experience in the rental business, so is no doubt well-equipped to ensure you have a wonderful time while staying at one of her properties.

Have you noticed something about the above profile? She currently has only two friends : (  If you like the property she has on offer and would like to get to know her better either now, or at a later date, simply request her friendship through 9flats.com.

You have a number of ways to register your interest in accommodation on our website. First you have to register on the website, then you can browse through properties and request friendship from the hosts of those properties; they will appear in your friends list, making it easier for you to find them and contact them at a later date. You can easily build up a network of friends comprising of fellow-travellers and hosts. With all these new friends at your fingertips, you can share tips and ask for recommendations for your next trip.

Another option is to add accommodation to your favourites; you can simply directly contact the host through our website to request more information and finally, you can bypass all that and immediately send a booking request to the host.

Happy travelling!


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Written by , August 9, 2011