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9flats top tips: December – best New Year’s party

We all know what happens in December. It’s that month in the year where we fret to make our last deadlines before embarking on a well deserved and often too short Christmas break, where we then spend countless hours indulging in Christmas cookies, mulled wine and eating our way through what seems like one long family meal.

By the 27th we’re all quite stuffed, happy and sleepy. But, hey, now is not the time to sleep! We’re so close to the end of one and the start of a new year, its time to celebrate! In order for you to enjoy the perfect New Year, here’s the 9flats selection of European Hot Spot destinations compiled just for you to pick your favourite from. We’ve explored a range of very different options so that there’s something for everyone. As always, we’ve also included examples of 9flats to perfectly complement your trip.  After all, even if you travel and celebrate like a true cosmopolitan globetrotter you still need a homely place to rest you head at night …and what better place than a home away from home?
New Years in London

London. New Years. Hearing those two words after another makes the hair stand on your arms and gives you a giddy excited feeling in your stomach. Imagine staring at the world renowned London Skyline seeing Big Ben, The London Eye, the Palace of Westminster, The BT tower, all lit by sparkling fireworks and rockets whizzing up high into the sky, bursting with a Bang! and breaking out into million threads of color. For those that want such a shimmering New Years, London is the place to be. We have a great selection of hip and modern flats with breathtaking panorama views for you to book and celebrate this spectacular event.

New Years in Paris

Ah, l’amour! Paris will welcome you with glittering street decorations and romantic songs. Its not said that romantic trips to Paris have to be saved for Valentines. Celebrating the passage from one year to another in this beautiful and sparkling city can also be a desired option for your New Year celebrations. To help you plan your trip, here’s our top tip for a quick trip to Paris in December (as always, click on the image for more information about the flat).





New Years in Berlin

Travel to Berlin for New Years if you want to celebrate in a multinational hot spot, in Europe’s largest cultural melting pot. This is the city where young meets old, where art and music accompany you in your every step and where parties never end. For music lovers and connoisseurs Berlin is the place to be if you want to dance your way into the new year in the good company of Europe’s hottest DJs. When you eventually feel like you’ve celebrated enough, we have plenty of comfy 9flats you can book and return to for some rest.

New Years in Istanbul

The name of this city conjures up exotic images of sultans, belly dancers and the mysteries of oriental cultures. A visit to Istanbul over New Years is a guaranteed cultural experience you will remember for a long time. This city is Europe’s gateway to Asia and offers its guests a unique and heartwarming blend of cultures. 9flats has a number of great flats here from which you can enjoy breathtaking views of world renowned places such as the Bosphorus or the Golden Horn.

We hope these tips have given you exciting new ideas for your New Years holiday. We’ll be back soon with exclusive 9flats Top Tips for January!

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Written by , October 10, 2011