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9flats top tips: February – Valentine’s in Paris

Despite the onset of very frosty temperatures, Berlin is currently a wonderfully bright, colourful and romantic place.

The Festival of Lights is going on for another week, giving us another chance to walk around the center with our friends and loved ones, wrapped up warmly in layers of wool and marvel at the kaleidoscopic light shows being projected on the most iconic and well known buildings that make this city so special. If unfortunately you’re not able to pop over for a quick visit, don’t worry. To continue with our series of 9flats travel tips we have picked out an equally romantic holiday destination for you for the month of February…

Roses, or something different? photo by pochacco

How about treating yourself and your loved one to Valentine’s in Paris?

Almost anything you chose to do there is guaranteed to feel très romantique as is proven by the fact that couples from across the world naturally flock towards it. Imagine an evening stroll through the narrow, music filled streets of Montmartre, climbing endless stairs up the Tour Eiffel’s 19 stories to then gaze at one of the most breathtaking views of the city or enjoying something as incomparably beautiful and relaxing as a boat tour down the Seine. These are all things that are bound to make you weak in the knees and your heart flutter. Then, when you’ve had enough of the romantic mood softly enveloping everything on the streets of Paris, what better than to retreat to a cosy 9flat in the heart of this world acclaimed nest for lovers? Here’s what we would suggest for the occasion…

Fully equipped studio flat for two in the center of Paris with a clear view of the Tour Eiffel                                                                                                                                 Two person flat in the area of Saint-Germain-des-Pres und Montparnasse


We hope you’ve been able to get inspiration for your February holidays through our exclusive travel tips. And hey, if you don’t have someone to share this occasion with, don’t let it ache your heart but remember that Paris is also the kind of place that offers the fabulous opportunity of meeting someone special. And if not, well then there’s more travel tips coming up…


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Written by , October 17, 2011