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9flats top tips: January in Sweden

There is a truly beautiful event taking place in January, a miracle of nature, which regretfully not many people remember: The Northern Lights.

This breathtaking spectacle is nothing more than the result of electrons colliding with the air particles but the flashes and streaks of color it produces in the cold Nordic winter sky will beyond all doubt leave you speechless and deeply in awe. 2012 is a particularly recommendable year in which to go and see this wonderful display of nature, as NASA scientists have predicted that it will be the brightest to be seen for 50 years. In order to experience the Lights in their full beauty it is best to travel to northern countries such as for example Sweden. 9flats has a great number of authentic Scandinavian huts and houses  hidden away in unscathed nature from which you can choose one to perfectly complete your January trip to Sweden. Here’s a selection of our personal favourites:

20 mins from Stockholm city centre, your own private paradise, with free use of the house’s sauna and fishing boat

Amazing little hut hidden away in a valley, close to a stream with plenty of fish. Completely furbished and heated in an environmentally friendly way that will keep you warm even in the coldest winter months.

Traditional Swedish cabin in beautiful forest surrounding

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and look forward to sharing our next top tip with you.


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Written by , October 13, 2011