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9flats will always keep your data secure!

9flats will always keep your data secure!

Dear Host,

surely you have noticed the bad press about hosts all over the world, but especially in Berlin.
9flats decided not to endorse this unlawful attempts to hinder something everyone craves to have: Apartments as an Upgrade to a stay in a hotel.

Every second person in Europe wants to stay in an Apartment rather than in a hotel this year. Lobby-influenced laws which try to prevent travelers to freely choose their accommodation and to penalize hosts is against the will of the people. We will no longer support these attempts of regulation on the backs of our members.

9flats.com guarantees, that your data will never be forwarded to local authorities.

Local administrations are frequently requesting data about hosts. From now on we will not provide your data to the local administration. We respect your privacy and want to support you hosting many happy travelers from around the world. Even Berlin can´t stop the ShareEconomy.

In order to guarantee your privacy we have changed our T&C – please read them and accept them with your next log-in. This term should get your special attention:
Data protection policy §3
‘Your personal data is not passed on to third parties without express consent as far as it is not necessary in order to render services or perform contractual obligations. Furthermore, the transmission to authorized state institutions only is done within the scope of statutory duty of disclosure or if a judgment obliges a disclosure.’

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Written by , April 29, 2016