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A day at the Berlin office

Today I’ll give you a brief overview of the 9flats office in Berlin Kreuzberg. The office is located in an old brick building with its unique Berlin flair. The small café must be the place to be in the summertime around lunch break.

Daniel (left) and Axel (right) say “Hi”.
The office has a nice atmosphere; busy, fun, international. Just listening to the sales and the customer service team talking on the phone, you can hear german, french, italien and english at the same time! I really like that international flair and all the different people you can meet there.

And whenever someone gets tired and needs a little break from working, he or she just starts the “plastic arrow fight”. It’s a lot of fun watching the whole office turn into a battlefield for a few seconds
After that, everyones goes back to work refreshed! I think I should start the same at our team in Hamburg…

Well, so far from the Berlin office. It was a fun day, I really enjoy being in Berlin and with this awesome team!

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Written by , March 5, 2011