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Affordable Ways to Boost Your Home!

Affordable ways to boost a home

by Bryn Huntpalmer

If you’ve been thinking about listing a property for rent, you probably already know how important it is for it to look its shiny best for your guests (and for those photo shoots!). After all, vacationers are drawn to spaces that look clean and well-tended, a place where they can really forget about the “real world” for a while.

A put-together rental is really all about those teensy touches: that carefully tended container garden in hand-thrown pottery, or shiny new hardware on the door. The good news is, these tiny changes can do a lot to make a space feel complete and welcoming, and the even better news is that most of them won’t require a second mortgage to do, either!

But when a repair or upgrade costs a mint, it can have you asking, “is it worth it?” Well, with tweaks this affordable, we can answer a resounding yes! Read on for some quick and simple changes you can make to your rental property’s exterior to add some serious curb appeal without breaking the bank.

Experts at know that your home’s curb appeal really affects how renters and neighbors alike feel about your house as a whole. They have prepared for you very useful tips how to boost your place without spending a fortune:

  1. 1. Paint It Black (or Red, or Blue, or Yellow)

Affordable ways to boost a home

Once upon a time, front doors were staid, boring affairs in serious, predictable colors only (I think this was basically law in the 50s). But these days, almost any hue you can imagine can grace a door with charm and bravado. A fresh coat of paint on your door in a welcoming, bright color is like the backstage at a concert: everyone wants to be let in. Visitors and passersby alike will feel as though they’ve cast away all their troubles and stepped into an enchanted land. We’re particularly partial to a brisk, electric blue or a sweet-tempered, brilliant canary to mix things up. Cost: 30€

  1. 2. Install a Few Window Boxes

Affordable ways to boost a home

Have you ever been disappointed by a place with window boxes? No? Well, neither have we! The truth is, window boxes look complicated, but they’re actually super easy to install. Pop in a few pansies or some heartier snapdragons if you live in a place where the weather runs to the extremes for some instant cottage charm. You can even DIY them if you’re handy with a hammer and saw. Cost: 100€ 

  1. 3. Hide Unsightly Eyesores

Affordable ways to boost a home

An ugly meterbox or electrical box can really put a halt on your spot’s hidden-place-in-the-hills fantasy. Thankfully, you can camouflage these blemishes using nothing but a can of paint! Or build a wooden cover to disguise it. Just make sure to check regulations in your area to make sure this is allowed so you don’t get slapped with a fine. Cost: 30 – 50€

  1. 4. Update Your Hardware

Affordable ways to boost a home

A shiny door handle or freshly-painted wrought iron rail adds a punch to any entry. Hardware is oh-so-cheap and super easy to install. Personally, we’ve found ourselves partial lately to retro brushed nickel finishes or stainless steel door levers with ultra-modern geometric lines. For an extra boost, add some oversized house numbers to let your guests know that they have finally arrived! Cost: 20 – 100€

  1. 5. Plant a Tree

Affordable ways to boost a home

Not to wax nostalgic, but a tree in your front yard really harkens back to the old days when homeowners put down literal and metaphorical roots and showered the family home with love for decades. Capture this antique charm by planting a happy little tree in your property’s front yard—it’s a quick fix that will bring beauty for years to come. Just make sure to take steps to protect your tree from invading mowers, weeds, and weather to keep it healthy and vibrant. Cost: 30 – 80€

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Written by , February 19, 2016