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Basel – Swiss chocolate paradise

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As the weather, my stay in Basel could not have been better. It was the first summery day of the year so my first instinct was to get rid of my jacket and head straight to the ice cream shop. Basel is a beautiful city and I felt I stepped in another world all day. Everything was so quiet that it felt like the type of city you hear about in fairy tales. All we encountered was serenity, good taste and happy people. You have to learn to appreciate things much more in Switzerland than in Germany because everything is more expensive. But even that could not spoil the mood the place left me in. The two following happy moments are the 20 Swiss francs I had invested in chocolate and the place I rented on the villa Kunterbunt.

B & B La vie en rose from about 110 € / night

Monique was the perfect hostess, with a beautiful house and the best tips, she is kind of a tourist guide and knows everything about Basel.

I put myself to the test and can safely say that Swiss chocolate are the best sweets; even thoughI have gained at least 2 pounds. See the results HERE.

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I also have more pictures of the beautiful house I stayed in HERE and as always more beautiful pictures of Basel HERE.

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Written by , June 1, 2011