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‘Instant booking’. Now you can book… well, now!

Sometimes, I dream of running away on a spontaneous holiday. Taking the first flight somewhere far away, without looking for accommodation, writing emails back and forth, waiting for confirmation…

Well, the good news is that that dream has got a step closer. On 9flats.com you can now book many of our places instantly, without waiting for the host to answer your request. All ‘instantly bookable’ places are chosen because they have reliable hosts and good reviews.

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Great for guests…

As a guest, you can now book directly with these hosts and get confirmation straight away. It’s even possible to book up to 8pm (CET) the night before you want to travel. The new function is perfect for all of you who need somewhere to stay at the last minute. All 9flats places that offer this option will appear at the top of your search, and you’ll see ‘Instant Booking’ under the ‘Details’ button:

Search, book… done! No more waiting for hosts to accept your booking request.

Easier for hosts…

As an instant booking host, your place will be more attractive to guests looking to book without any hassle. It’s easier for you too because you don’t have to spend time responding to booking requests – or risk losing out to another host.

If you’d like to become ‘instantly bookable’, just drop us a line at support@9flats.com or call us on +44 (0) 2035 149 450 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm GMT). To qualify, you need to have a high acceptance rate and always keep your calendar up to date.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Written by , January 18, 2012