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Brazilians as Barcelonans

Carla Garcia and Marcio Lorin are two Brazilian architects that have travelled around Spain these past few days and used 9flats accommodation for their stay in Barcelona. We asked them if they would like to share their experience with us and they accepted. Below you can see a couple of the pictures they took and their first-person account of their 9flats experience:

“Renting an apartment with 9flats was an amazing experience for us. This different way of travelling allowed us a way to feel closer to the Barcelona lifestyle. Also, we loved the location, we were near to everything and all the public transport services were right at our door.

We, who are food and wine lovers, were delighted being able to act like locals; to go down to the corner to buy fresh ingredients and typical food from the local markets. We were only a few minutes away from the heart of the city and the La Boquería market and Las Ramblas.

Apart from the great freedom of choice that 9flats provides, it’s also more economical and simultaneously offers the ability to get close to locals – all of which provides a more unique travel experience. Indeed, we really identify with this way of travelling and this will always be our preference!”

If you too want to have a experience like Carla and Marcio’s, in 9flats we have a wide range of apartments in Barcelona.

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Written by , July 12, 2011