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Rent out your Accommodation and get Cash on Arrival

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If you have a spare room, house or apartment then rent it out to travelers now and take advantage of the benefits of cash on arrival.

Activate cash on arrival now

You have not yet registered with, then learn here how it works. Once you signed up and have your accommodations listed, you decide which ones of your accommodations should offer this additional payment method and when. Once this feature is enabled, your guest can choose between the usual methods of payment and cash payment on arrival. 

Your advantages as a host:

Faster than any bank and simplified accounting

You receive your money directly from your  guests, no waiting on banks and Paypal. You do not have to check incoming payments. Just hand over the invoice directly after receiving your money.

100% more bookings and a simple pricing structure

Accommodations with this payment option are especially advertised and get more bookings. You indicate how much you want to earn, that will be the amount you get. No further deductions.  Please note that the offering price may vary from your desired payout, depending on location and season. We will let you know when your desired payout is not in line with the market.

You want to activate cash on arrival now and have questions? Then click on the FAQs or drop us a line. If you want to book an accommodation and pay cash on arrival then learn here how it works.


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Written by , November 24, 2011