July 16, 2012

Weird and wonderful

World exclusive… secret footage of the Veggielympics 2012

With all this Olympics talk, we felt like we should be getting involved too. But we missed out on the ticket lottery… what to do?

We decided to hold our very own, no expense spared, Veggielympics in the office kitchen. Have a look! (And find out some mad facts about Olympic sports you never knew before.)

Click: World exclusive… secret footage of the Veggielympics 2012

July 13, 2012


Lucia’s Lisbon: Insider’s guide to Europe’s coolest city (part 3)

And so, the end, beautiful friends. Here’s the last day of Lúcia’s secret Lisbon guide.

This week, she cools things down a bit, taking you out of town to walk, meditate and drink some nice wine…

Click: Lucia’s Lisbon: Insider’s guide to Europe’s coolest city (part 3)

July 6, 2012


Lúcia’s Lisbon: Insider’s guide to Europe’s coolest city (part 2)

Here it is! Part 2 of Lúcia’s secret Lisbon tour, full of more insider tips for you to discover in this amazing city. This week, it’s time to dive into the melodramatic, musical world of Fado…

(photo: pedrosimoes7, Flickr)

Click: Lúcia’s Lisbon: Insider’s guide to Europe’s coolest city (part 2)

June 28, 2012


Lúcia’s Lisbon: Insider’s guide to Europe’s coolest city (part 1)

Amazing food, cool bars, sexy clubs… we can’t understand it, why has Lisbon been overlooked for so long? Here’s a very special insider’s guide to this box of Portuguese delights…

Click: Lúcia’s Lisbon: Insider’s guide to Europe’s coolest city (part 1)

June 21, 2012


Guide to Pride 2012: Top 5 cities to celebrate in style

It’s Pride time of year once again. We’ve found the best towns for you to paint red (purple, yellow, green and blue), as well as insider tips for clubs, bars and comfy, affordable places to stay…

(photo: Guillaume Paumier, Flickr)

Click: Guide to Pride 2012: Top 5 cities to celebrate in style

June 15, 2012


3 top film location holiday ideas

Ever wanted to see where your favourite films were filmed? We’ve found 3 cool movie locations in Paris (Amélie), Madrid (Talk to Her) and the Caribbean (guess), that also make great holiday locations…

(photo: Glen Edelson, Flickr)

Click: 3 top film location holiday ideas

June 8, 2012


9 unmissable places to see live, local music

Some of the best travel memories I have are of hazy evenings swirling a cocktail in an intimate live music venue. But how do you know which unmarked doors to knock on, and which red, carpeted staircase to venture down?

You’re in luck. Four 9flats musician hosts have let you in on their smoky, moody, must-visit musical secrets…

(photo: ALIghthouse, Flickr)

Click: 9 unmissable places to see live, local music

May 23, 2012


Sand and the city: 3 top urban beaches in Europe

Concrete too hot to sit on? Buses too stuffy to stand on? Shoes melting into the tarmac? Time to hit the city beach! We’ve had a look around, and have found lots of sand in some unexpected places…

Click: Sand and the city: 3 top urban beaches in Europe

May 8, 2012


Go green in Lapland

Our hosts never fail to surprise and delight us. We sent a little email to Joachim in Lapland, Sweden to ask if we could feature his amazing environmentally friendly log cabin in our ‘eco-living’ newsletter. Not only did he say yes, he also told us more great things about his place.

Click: Go green in Lapland

April 20, 2012

travel tips

How is a vacation like watching TV?

Calling all couch potatoes. Paraphrasing Lord Eddard Stark,” Summer is coming.” If you were in agony over where to go and what to see this holiday season, why not take inspiration from the best shows on television right now. In order of travel-worthiness, here are our top 5! (We also have some tasty suggestions for where […]

Click: How is a vacation like watching TV?

April 7, 2012

travel tips

How to get healthy by eating local

In the whirl of our busy lives, it’s not always easy to look properly at what we’re eating. To show more love to your stomach while you’re away, look to the area you’re staying in. And where better to find fresh and tasty ingredients than at the local farmer’s market?

Click: How to get healthy by eating local

March 21, 2012

travel tips

Naples in April: America’s Cup

April in Naples is a time of  fine spring weather, and lively streets not yet swamped by a sea of touristy humanity. Take advantage of these beautiful times to savour Neapolitan pizza, weather, and world-class sailing action.   America’s Cup begins April 7 http://youtu.be/HX7tFA6oBEIThe world’s most famous competitive sailing event comes to the southern tip of […]

Click: Naples in April: America’s Cup

February 21, 2012

9flats on tour

We czeched out Prague

At 9flats, we’re just about to turn one-year-old. We thought this was a good excuse to celebrate: and what better way than with a weekend escape to the jewel of Central Europe? So, last Friday afternoon, in a minibus full of dreams, eager to discover this beautiful city, we headed off to Prague. When we […]

Click: We czeched out Prague

February 17, 2012

travel tips

9trips visits Hamburg

Hamburg is famous for its harbour, abundant fresh fish and seedy Reeperbahan. A little-known secret is that this north German city has a fantastic art scene. On the latest 9trips stop, our travel reporters Caroline and Louise discovered small designer boutiques, the best cheesecake in Hamburg…

Click: 9trips visits Hamburg

February 6, 2012

travel tips

Naples: Pizza & Pompei

Naples, Napoli in Italian, is the third most-populated city in Italy. Its close proximity to many interesting sites, such as Pompeii and the Bay of Naples, makes it a good base for exploring the area. Naples is full of wonderful historical and artistic treasures and narrow, winding streets with small shops, making it worth at least a few days visit (and if you want to get out of town, Capri, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast all lie within striking distance).

Click: Naples: Pizza & Pompei

January 27, 2012

travel tips

Madeira: Portuguese paradise

Looking for some winter sun? Our 9trips travel experts Luise and Karo escaped the grey and cold January weather and flew directly to Paradise: Madeira. The magical Portuguese Island is situated in the Atlantic, approximately 450 miles off the coast of Morocco.

Click: Madeira: Portuguese paradise

December 28, 2011

travel tips

Up-and-coming Wroclaw

Located in south-western Poland and being one of the host cities for the 2012 European Football Championship, Wroclaw is slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Poland – with its modern airport and good road and train connections from Berlin and Prague it is turning into a local hub for […]

Click: Up-and-coming Wroclaw

December 18, 2011

travel tips

Winter getaways: 3 places to hit the slopes

We find three of the finest winter sports escapes, from budget to luxury.

Click: Winter getaways: 3 places to hit the slopes

December 12, 2011

9flats news

The ultimate Christmas present

Christmas is coming closer, and you still haven’t found the perfect Christmas present yet for your friends and family? You are looking for something truly special, but you can’t be bothered to spend hours in crowded shopping malls? Well, we have the ultimate present for you: The 9flats Xmas Voucher! How about a shopping trip to […]

Click: The ultimate Christmas present

December 9, 2011


Christmas markets in Germany – Cologne

There are four big Christmas markets spread out across the city of Cologne: The Alter Market, Neumarkt, Rudolfplatz and one right next to the cathedral. The Christmas market at Cologne Cathedral is probably the most impressive. Right in the shadow of the huge church towers, it attracts visitors from all over the world with its […]

Click: Christmas markets in Germany – Cologne