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Find the cheapest airfares in three simple steps


You’ve found 9flats, which means you’re already pretty savvy when it comes to saving money on travel accommodation. Today we share some simple tips for finding the lowest airfares and stretching that travel budget even further.

Step one

Let’s say you want to fly from New York to Barcelona on October 15. Get on a few different aggregator sites like Skyscanner, Kayak and Expedia. Different sites pull data from different airlines; use at least three to get a broad perspective. Find the cheapest quote for your desired flight, but don’t make a booking.

Step two

Go directly to the website of the airline with the cheapest price and search for the same flight. You’ll find that airfares are often $20 or $30 cheaper when you book directly with the airline, despite every aggregator site claiming that it charges no fees. Compare the airline price with the aggregator price and write down whichever number is lower.

Step three

Call your local travel agent, preferably one of the budget outfits like Student Flights or STA Travel. Most of these companies guarantee to beat any quoted airfare. Ask them about your flight from New York to Barcelona on October 15. They’ll surely give you an inflated price. Then tell them the price you found online. More often than not, they will be obliged to match your online price and offer you a further discount. (The discount will only be $10 or $20, but every penny counts.)

After checking the aggregators, the airlines, and the travel agents, you can rest assured that you’ve bagged the cheapest possible airfare. And wherever you’re flying to, don’t forget to search 9flats for great value rental accommodations.

Written by , September 27, 2013

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