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Beautiful Forest View, Belgium

Today’s blog post is by guest blogger Christianne B, a 9flats host who has an apartment in Belgium and another in Portugal. Here is what Christianne has to say about her property Forestview and what you can do in the area:

My husband and myself, both Dutch, decided 10 years ago to set up our lives in Belgium. We were both born at the border between Holland and Belgium, always aware of the different lifestyle and cultures of both the Dutch and the Belgians, or more precisely, Flemish – who are again different from the French-speaking part of Belgium called Wallonia. Around 1900, the Flemish became more independent from the Wallonians and grew to be the wealthiest, best organised, and self supporting part of the country.

We both like the life of Antwerp and its surroundings. Antwerp, being the capital of this part of Belgium, offers a rich variety of cultural events, beautiful parks, thousands of multi-cultural restaurants as well as French cuisine. There are many heated terraces in nostalgic squares surrounded by stunning buildings – buildings which bring you back to times filled with rich history and cultural development. We found the perfect place, which is in the middle of nature, yet close enough to the city to enjoy both cultural visits and long walks in the forest, or along the riverside.

We own 2 good bikes, that our guests can use whenever they wish; the bus stop and railway station are close enough to avoid using a car. Altogether a very ‘green’ environmentally-friendly stay!

We both enjoy catering and cooking – we most especially love to make an effort for our guests if they ask us in advance. We do shopping on request, because Kapellen, our little town, offers many shops, supermarkets, and not less than a range of 23 good restaurants and café’s. One glimpse at the many eateries near Forestview and your mouth will begin to water! This is particularly true after a healthy bike trip which could take you to the Kalmthoutseheide or to the Arboretum (which features an exclusive variety of rare plants and trees), or after a trip to the city.

Our house is open to guests who travel alone, in parties or families up to 6; both apartments are fully self catering or B&B formula, as you prefer. You might want to stay for a few nights or even 2 weeks, either as a lone traveller, or with by friends or family. Our beautiful forest garden is open to all guests. The neighbourhood is peaceful and watched over by other home-owners in the area, without meddling in each other’s privacy. It is also very easy to find people who speak different languages, proud of their country, who willing to share, and inform!

What else can you wish for a perfect holiday? Peace and quiet, good food, nature, sightseeing in one of the most important Flemish cities, and yet close enough to Brussels, Brugge, Gent and Amsterdam for a city trip in between two lazy days!

If you want to spend a day or 2 on the beach, remember that our sandy Noordzee beaches are amongst the cleanest in the world!

Please share our Zeeuwse Stranden and witness for yourself all it has to offer.

Hope to see you soon!

With love from Kapellen, Chrissie and William

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Written by , July 1, 2011