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Give me a star!

“Super nice apartment, very quiet, ideal for a short trip.” No wonder guests gave this accommodation a 5 star review. You can’t get better than that, five stars is the highest rating. This is not only great for the host, but for the next guest too.


Here’s the reason why: the number of stars and comments show how well the accommodation has been received so far with the previous guests. This way, you can get a reliable and – above all – authentic impression of the property.

The host can also receive a comment and up to five stars from their guest. When you list property as a host on 9flats, it’s best to make sure that not only your accommodation but also you as a private owner make a good impression, as this can be of crucial importance for new bookings.

Also on 9flats, guests are rated by comments and from one to five stars. This, in turn, is helpful for homeowners to manage booking requests, as they can check over the comment ratings of their next guests. In short: everyone benefits from comments and ratings with stars. So, give me a star!

Written by , July 6, 2011