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Holiday like a celebrity! Roma with Davide Ricci

If there’s one thing we know about celebrities it’s that they like to holiday, a lot. Magazines are constantly jam-packed with photos of stars in the most luxurious destinations, indulging in the most magnificent accommodations. With price tags for hotel rooms costing thousands per night, it’s not often that the average person gets to live it up in such VIP style – not until now at least.

You can now holiday like a TV star in Rome. Well-known Italian actor, Davide Ricci, has a fantastic selection of the most stunning apartments on offer.


For a full list of Davide’s apartments, click

Located in and around the both the Trastevere quarter of Rome and around the Vatican, these apartments are perfectly situated to enjoy the ultimate ‘Roman Holiday’ – can never resist a good pun!

The Trastevere is on the west bank of the Tiber River, just south of the Vatican City. Renowned for its quaint cobbled streets and medieval houses, it is a favourite spot for natives, tourists and celebrities. While the Vatican, as we all know, is home to one of the most famous men in the world!

And if you want to partake in a little celebrity-spotting of yourself – visit the Riccioli Café on Piazza delle Coppelle. Across the river from the Vatican, it’s the best place to see and be seen!

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Written by , May 13, 2011