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And what do our hosts think of us?

We recently told you what guests said about travelling with 9flats in our customer survey.

At the same time, we also sent a survey to hosts, asking them to share their most intimate thoughts too, which we can now share with you. Because there’s not enough space on the internet to show everything you said, here’s a quick summary…

  1. 3 things you said about 9flats
  2. 3 things you want
  3. 3 things you suggest


3 things you said about 9flats…

You listed your place mainly to…

    • Make extra money.
    • Meet interesting people.
    • Make use of spare space.

Your biggest concern is…

That something might get damaged or broken. The good news is that your property is covered by insurance from our partner, Zurich while a guest stays with you. And right now this is completely free. This covers you against accidental damage up to €500,000. Hopefully that helps you sleep easier.

To make 9flats better, you’d like…

    • More local presence: we’re not everywhere yet, but we do have team on the ground who will come and take great photos of your place if you ask us. And of course our friendly customer service team can take your call in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish.
    • More host events: we’ve had quite a few in the past, and hope to have more of them soon. In the meantime, we’ve had small ‘cake and comment’ sessions, with small groups of hosts, which are useful to get your feedback directly.
    • More community: we’re not always sure if people want a social side to 9flats. Now we are!


3 things you want…


You’d like to see how many people visit your page, book, look at photos… For starters, we’ve now added the number of people who have booked with you.

To be found!

Many hosts feel users should be able to search for wider tourist areas (Lake District, Schwarzwald, Tuscany…), not just cities or specific places. You’re completely right, and to be honest, we want to find that hideaway with a pool in a rustic Italian village for our own holidays too. Watch this space.

Bike rental option

Some guests said this too. We’re looking into this.


3 things you suggest…

Radius or area search

You’d like us to add a radius option so you can search the surroundings of major cities. You point out that many people want to pay less money, but still be near a great city, which makes sense.

Better navigation in your profile

You’d like easier links to the most used areas of your profile, as some of you feel that these can be hard to find. We’re currently working on a cleaner profile design so will keep this in mind.

Property videos

You can do this at any time! Just video your place (or ask someone to do it for you) put it on YouTube and then add a link to it on your place description. Here are our top tips for creating your own video >


We’re very grateful for you taking the time to complete the survey. Our aim now is to work through all of your suggestions, starting with the big issues. Any more feedback, email us at… actually, no, maybe give us a little time to work on these points for now.


Photos, from top:  MonsieurLui | Striatic | NikonFilm35

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Written by , June 22, 2012