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How is a vacation like watching TV?

Calling all couch potatoes. Paraphrasing Lord Eddard Stark,” Summer is coming.” If you were in agony over where to go and what to see this holiday season, why not take inspiration from the best shows on television right now. In order of travel-worthiness, here are our top 5!

(We also have some tasty suggestions for where to stay below. Look out for them.)


For truly bloody good television, you can’t go wrong with the stark juxtaposition of a serial killer’s icy menace and Miami’s lazy warmth. If you get bored of the superb water theme parks, you can always pop by Little Havana and soak in the atmosphere and scent of illicit cigars.

(A place to rest your bones.)

4.Boardwalk Empire

The hit series is set in Atlantic City circa 1920. However, Atlantic City today is simply known as the more pedestrian cousin of awesome Las Vegas, and that will not go down well with Nucky.

Not Nucky’s Atlantic City

Nucky would have you know that filming took place mostly in Brooklyn, New York, with some scenes filmed in Manhattan and Staten island.

To truly soak up the badlands spirit of Prohibition-era Atlantic City, drop by Bedford-Stuyvesant and Clinton Avenue in Brooklyn or Washington Heights in Manhattan. If you can also get yourself a Ford Model-T to cruise around town, all you need is a tommy gun to complete the look.

(Gangsters don’t live this well.)

If you mention The Big Lebowski again…

3.The Borgias

Few things are as gripping as watching powerful people behaving badly, and they don’t come more powerful than the Vicar of Christ on Earth.

I will give you THIS coin to tweet about something that isn’t about cats today.

Jeremy Irons’ turn as Pope Alexander VI is epic,  as is the Vatican even till this day. Though the series was shot in Budapest, there is no question that the spirit of the series is very much found within these cloistered walls.

(This is as close to heaven as you can rest.)

The ultimate destination of holy holidays for some


With the BBC’s shortening of the eponymous detective’s name to 1 word, Sherlock joins the ranks of cultural luminaries who need only a first name, such as Hercules, Mother Theresa, and (for better or worse), Rihanna. Filming for the adventures of our favourite modern sleuth took place mainly in London and Cardiff, and not at the legendary address of 221B Baker Street, which presumably became too expensive for the world’s greatest detective, as is so often the case in modern London. However, one can always attempt to relive past glories in the Sherlock Holmes museum now occupying this culturally significant niche.

(Just because Sherlock can’t afford to live in London doesn’t mean you can’t too.)

I don’t think the fonts are quite large enough on this one Inspector Lestrade

1.Game of Thrones

Even though we don’t have any listings available in the beautiful Kingdom of Westeros or the vast, scorched Dothraki plains, we have it’s splitting image in the misty hills of Scotland, and the sandy dunes of Morocco, where the series was filmed. It may not be the ideal television series for family viewing, but you can be certain that you won’t be watching much of it anyway while you’re busy admiring the Scottish moors. So don your armour and grab a copy of R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire“, for Summer is coming, and ye best be prepared.

(Wet, cold and miserable or Hot, dry and miserable.)

What do you mean “What does the Hand of the King really do?”

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