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I travel with 9flats because…

We are still cooling down after a fantastic weekend with Berlin Festival, and not to mention, you lovely guys. Our contest “I travel with 9flats because…” turned out great, especially for Olka, who won 2 VIP-tickets and stayed at one of our apartments (pictured below) in Berlin.

We had many contributions that made us both laugh and think twice. Here are our top 9:

1. Flower Girl, Änne: “I travel with 9flats because… feeling at home all over the world is the best feeling you can get – be at home on earth”

2. Logical Guy, Fabian: “I travel with 9flats because… I don’t like expensive and bad hotel rooms. (And as a student you usually can’t afford to stay in hotel rooms for more than a few days.) I prefer meeting some locals and seeing the “real” city – not this tourist guide stuff… I hope to win the tickets. I really really do love Berlin and its nightlife!”

3. Home Buddy, Thijs: “I travel with 9flats because… some say that the trip is a part of the journey, but after a day at the Berlin Festival. I prefer to feel right at home.”

4. The Dreamer, Karen: I travel with 9flats because… it keeps you still dreaming… when the dream is simply real, with the best comfort provided easily!

5. Charming, Sophia: “I travel with 9flats because… I do not only like the berlin festival (what a lineup!), I travel with 9flats because I love clean bathrooms and comfy beds,almost like at mommys house. : ) And if you know that this is waiting for you in a charming, inexpensive flat, you don’t care about a little mud and enjoy : )”

6. Like a rolling Stone, Judith: “I travel with 9flats because… I think it’s a great alternative between sleeping on a bench at the airport and getting an expensive hotel. I’d love to get inspired by people’s interior style as well as themselves. Basically, a win/win situation – no pun intended…”

7. Dream on, Caroline: “I travel with 9flats because… with 9flats i am not just a dreamer, I am a Maker.”

8. Popular, Tim: “I travel with 9flats because… I deserve Holiday’s! I love Berlin and I love Festivals. I wanna go to the BERLIN FESTIVAL! ♥ and see a 9flats apartment ;D”

9. Party Animal, Max: “I travel with 9flats because… I can invite loads of funny wasted Locals and Berlin Visitors to my new apartment to have a massive after hour house party between the fantastic acts of the Berlin Festival and then leave a mess on Sunday! Jiha!”

We are looking forward to the next competition!


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Written by , September 13, 2011