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iCal Feature

For 9flats hosts we have improved another feature on our website. As we mention frequently, keeping your calendar updated for availability is of the highest importance, otherwise you’ll be flooded with booking requests for accommodation that is marked as available in error.

Many hosts list their accommodation on 9flats.com and also on other websites. Wouldn’t it be handy if you could synch all your various calendars? Wouldn’t it be great to simply update one calendar and that would automatically update any others?

Now you can with our iCal feature. Simply login to your 9flats account, click on My Places > Edit Dates > External Calendars – from there you’ll be led to a pop-up where you can import your Google, Yahoo, Airbnb, HomeAway and other iCal calendars – you will also find instructions on how to do this.

This feature should make your life as a host easier and keep your potential guests right up-to-date with your availability.

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Written by , August 16, 2011


  • Spyros says:

    Is the synchronization automated (if yes every when does it happens?)or i have to log in in my 9 flats account and click the button on each property that says “synchronize calendars” in the calendar section of each apartment?


  • Juliane says:

    Dear Spyros, The update is automated. You don’t need to click anything when the link of external calendar has been saved at 9flats. The system will grab the data automatically.