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Inspiring Travel Images – Before and After You Travel

Imagery is where it’s at when it comes to recording your holiday. The experience of your holiday or trip gets extended way beyond the finish date because of the Internet, smartphones and social media networks.

Take the above 9flats accommodation (House Trullo Amato) for instance, because I’ve added the image to this blog, it is likely that even in a few years from now, people will find it.

For many people their holiday experience will start online and end online as well. They will start searching online for flights or accommodation. Prior to going they may blog or update their facebook status about their anticipation for the trip ahead and then, while away will snap pictures with their phone and upload them to facebook or another social network. This means that your holiday experience gets stored online forever for people all over the world to get a taste of what you’ve seen and experienced.

Where can you get inspiration /share your holiday memories online?

1: Pinterest allows you to gather images that you like from the Internet all in the most visually appealing way, like your own virtual noticeboard. Be careful, Pinterest can become very addictive!

2: is a great way to share your photos with both your friends or the world, or if you want to, you can simply create a private account, upload your own photos or upload photos from the Internet as a form of visual notebook.


3: Instagram the really popular iPhone photography app which is apparently growing at a massive rate. For those of us with Android on our phones there is a touch of jealousy. There are apps which can add effects to your images, but really, none look as good as the Instagram ones.  Instagram photos are tipped to be the next big thing in the world of blogging, with images taking over from text as they are so quick and accessible.

4: allows to make an instant album of your photos.

This is only one of many many image storing websites, most of which charge something if you want to upload more than the typical amount of images. Many also give you the option of printing your images too.

5: And finally, allows users to post and share their favourite images that they find on the Internet – if you have favourite 9flats places you could suggest them on a website like this.

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Written by , August 31, 2011