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Introducing Christine, our guest blogger who will be sharing stories as a 9flats guest

Today I’d like to introduce you to Christine. She has a great passion for traveling and shares her experiences on her german blog. Right now, she is staying at places from and will be our guest blogger to talk about our flats, hosts and give tips for all travellers.

I did a short interview with her so you can get to know her:

Mareike: Hi Christine, please introduce yourself.

Christine: Hello, I’m Christine, certified tester for overnight stays.No, I actually studied Fashion Design, am an author and travel expert.

Mareike: How exactly are you connected to 9flats?

Christine: I have the honor to travel through Germany for 9flats. I visit 9flats users to stay at their flat / house / room and to gather insider tips for travelers as well as hosts.

Mareike: Wow, that sounds exciting! How did you get the idea to travel so much?

Christine: The idea came through the project “90 nights, 90 beds”. In 2010, I stayed at  90 different places in Berlin. They were all places of people that I did not know before. It was a very exciting and interesting time.  The two months after that, I put all my experiences down in writing. The book will be released on april 1st – “90 nights, 90 beds. A couchsurfer’s diary”. After the manuscript was done, I started to be bored and I got itchy feet again. So 9flats was the perfect solution for me to travel again!

Mareike: Jeez, it sounds like you have seen many different places already! What was the most funny thing that happened to you while travelling?

Christine: Well, most of the time it is the small but silly things that are very funny for me looking back. For example, I may stand in the wrong street, have an invalid ticket and my bag is somewhere but not with me… At least I always made it to the right city, but not always at the right date

Mareike: Why 9flats?

Christine: 9flats gives me the possibility to travel through Germany. I can decide for myself if I want to book an apartment where I can be for myself or where I can meet the host and spend the evening with him while he shows me around the city.

Mareike: Cool. Well and we are excited to hear more of your stories!

Written by , March 8, 2011