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Kids, toys, and an unfamiliar cot

Bianca, Isa und Claudia from Hauptstadtmuttis test 9flats child-friendly offer

“We’re very interested in the current trend of going on holidays in a stranger’s apartment. Since we have emerged from the backpacker generation and all-inclusive holidays, now that the petty bourgeoisie of our 20’s is over, it occurs to us to try it.

Before we head off on our adventure to faraway cities and countries, we simply rent an apartment in an unfamiliar neighbourhood of Berlin, namely Schöneberg. The booking through 9flats was so simple, we would have almost preferred to have just kept on making bookings. 10 minutes of searching, 5 minutes of booking, payment by Paypal, done.

And off we went, 3 women, 3 small kids, 3 laptops….as well as 3 travel cots, 3 suitcases, and 3 bags of toys. Not too bad for just one night, but it was worth it. We are greeted by a very, very nice woman.


Handover the keys. Up the stairs. 1st floor (how practical!) and here we are at the apartment. Our anticipation is contagious, even the little ones are overcome with excitement to take over the space.

Open all the doors. Who sleeps where? Oh, a beautiful bathroom, we’ve always liked small tiles, there’s even a highchair and child’s cot already here and look – fresh flowers in the kitchen on the charming kitchen table. First impression: amazing apartment! Really elegant. Of course the kids have already opened all of the drawers and even found some toys. Could be family heirlooms, not fragile though, but practical and robust, the kids can actually play with them.

Now, first of all we head out to discover the good side of Schöneberg. Not too many people to be found directly outside the front door. 20 metres further however, and we find some nice people and even a mother. Where are the nice playgrounds? Where is the ice-cream parlour? Our little ones need a goal, and also motivation. So we wander, first down the main street past the HDK speciality graphics, then arrive in the Goldtz street neighbourhood.

Stop! Beautiful shop, Fashion for mother and child and in the shop herself, Mama Shopowner with her family. We take a photo and then continue on around the corner to the ice-cream parlour. Amazingly tasty ice-cream, a bit of random celebrity spotting, and then head for home. Pick up a pizza on the way back and finally, once the kids are exhausted and happily nodding off, relax on the balcony with a glass of wine to enjoy the evening. We are absolutely thrilled. The apartment is child-friendly, the neighbourhood is child-friendly, and the children are mum-friendly.”

Child-friendly holiday homes “Beletage” in Berlin Schöneberg


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Written by , August 15, 2011