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Like the interior? Live in the interior!

Some people have a knack for creating intriguing interiors, but even those with a flair for it can always do with some inspiriation.

You could spend a lot of money on glossy interior design magazines, or instead you can freely browse through the vast range of properties on and steal some of our hosts style ideas instead. The best thing is, if you’re really taken with one of the listed properties, unlike examples in magazines, with our inspiring properties you have the possibility to walk into the picture by booking it and staying there.

Maybe you live in a rural idyll, or a terraced house in the suburbs and as a contrast want to experience life in a funky, edgy, urban property. Look no further than this converted warehouse in LondonFramery 3. Staying in this property is your chance to experience life as a trendy London local.

If you want to steal some of the above hosts’s interior design ideas, note how it is decorated wholly in white, giving it a bright, airy feel; coloured cushions are sparingly dotted around as a vibrant contrast to the white walls, giving interest, but without being overwhelming.


In complete contrast is Pearl a 17th century apartment in Venice. To complement the property’s history and age, this apartment contains orante furniture with light turquoise fabric and ruffled curtains all of which combine to give the interior a grand feel.

The bedroom in this apartment is decorated in a very different style to the living room. The original brick wall is proudly displayed where once, perhaps hundreds of years ago, there was windows and a fireplace – the fact that it is not a perfect, new brick wall only adds to its charm, making it the main feature of this room. This ancient wall juxtaposed against the sparse lines of the wardrobe and bed creates a space that is simultaneously ancient and yet modern.


My final interior inspiration is another historical building: Cyfie Farm in Wales.
Outside is what one imagines from a typical farmhouse garden, tumbling flowers, a patio, stone walls and an inherent charm. The interior of this farmhouse is decorated in, well, farmhouse style!

Notice the original wooden support beams and how they are left visible and complement the newer wooden items such as the bannistairs and kitchen units. The walls are painted in warm creamy and terracotta tones. This colour pallette combined with squishy, comfortable couches creates the perfect cosy nest to cuddle up in, in both summer and winter.

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Written by , August 19, 2011