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Madeira: Portuguese paradise

Looking for some winter sun? Our 9trips travel experts Luise and Karo escaped the grey and cold January weather and flew directly to Paradise: Madeira

This magical Portuguese Island, once referred to by Plutarch as “The Isle of the Blessed,” is situated in the Atlantic, approximately 450 miles off the coast of Morocco. It is famous for its dramatic landscapes, wine, flowers and embroidery craftmanship. Luise and Karo saw canyons and wild waterfalls, swam with dolphins and had an incredible view from their spacious modern apartment.










Get into the Madeira mood with our following video clip, but be warned… once you’ve watched it, you might not be able to resist getting on a plane and flying there. With EasyJet, it is only a four hour plane ride from London to Paradise.



We wish you a pleasant journey!

Written by , January 27, 2012