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Marathon Party Day

For those of you who like running 26.2 miles (42 km), being cheered on by thousands or being wrapped up in aluminium foil, today’s blog entry is for you – we’re taking a look at the Berlin marathon, coming up on the 25th of September.

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‘Fastest marathon in the world’

The marathon achieved this reputation as it has generated no less than six world records since 1998 . This year over 40,000 competitors will take part. Dream of taking part too? A great way to get started with running is to use You can post your achievements, map your routes and compete with your friends.

Or if you’re not one of the competitors you can still enjoy ‘Marathon Party Day’ and you will really feel a part of something, as one of over a million spectators. Registration to run in the marathon is now closed, however you can find out all about this marathon, its history and what’s planned for the day here and they also have a separate page with information especially for UK runners.

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Apart from the tradition marathon of runners, Berlin will be taken over by marathon-lovers of another sort on the 24th of September. On this day the Berlin Inline Skating Marathon will take place.

This will be a much speedier marathon with skaters whizzing by at high speeds – professional inline skaters can achieve speeds up to 30 miles (48km) per hour, so you’ll have to rush to the Brandeburger Tor to watch the winners as they glide underneath it. Sound like your kind of thing? Detailed information on inline skating marathons can be found here.

Finally, if you are one of the competitors or supporters of those taking part in this year’s Berlin marathon and don’t yet have a place to stay, don’t forget to check out the Berlin listings. With millions of spectators visiting the city for the marathon, accommodation will be scarce!

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