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Never eat alone when travelling!

Never eat alone while travelling with 9flats!

Travelling is a multidimensional experience. It is not just about visiting new places, but there is much more you can get from it! Meeting new people, new places, experience their culture gives you an unique opportunity to explore the culture of a foreign country. The best way to meet local people and spend some quality time with them is to share their place with them, something you can find on

We are giving you the chance to stay in apartments of locals or share their flats with them. You can upgrade your experience by renting a flat of real residents and at least for a moment feel like home away from home!

Thanks to initiative which was started by VoulezVousDiner you could meet local people and share a dinner with them! A great opportunity to get to know local cuisines and have a cultural exchange with residents.

How to do it?

Start you food adventure with VoulezVousDiner: an invitation to unleash your cooking talents or/and you can enjoy homemade authentic food with locals and create unique cultural experiences.

Never eat alone when travelling again by using VoulezVousDiner to find home-cooked meals around the world and eat with locals. Browse menus, pay online in advance (tip is included), and book a dinner then enjoy! VoulezVousDiner is now available in 150 cities around the world.


Download an application on Apple Store and Google play.

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Written by , January 27, 2016