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Now you can add a VIDEO!


As you might know 9flats has been constantly brought game-changing improvements to the Social Travel world. Among other inventions 9flats has been the first to offer an insurance for hosts and brought Instant Booking to the industry. Now is the time to introduce one more feature to you: VIDEO!

Now all hosts are  able to add a video to their place listing! An example of how this looks can be viewed at this place in Munich. The relative simple adding of video to your place has an impressive impact: Studies show that products with video have a 50% higher probability of being purchased. Trust from consumer is increased by 83%. Last but not least 9flats will award places with video with a 20% higher ranking in the search results. In short: Your place will have more views.

It is a perfect opportunity for every host to show to potential guests more details of their place. They can take every viewer for a real showing around trip and present the nice details of the neighbourhood!

To take advantage of this, simply log in to your 9flats account, select the place and click on ‘edit place’ and go to the section ‘Photos and Video’. There you just need to simply paste your youtube or vimeo link. Now you are ready to get more awareness!


For more details of how to add the video have a look at our FAQs.

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Written by , February 25, 2016