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Great response to iStopOver joining 9flats family

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It’s a week now since we announced the exciting news about our acquisition of iStopOver, our North American peer. We were really happy about the positive response on social media, in the press and most importantly from the new hosts joining our community. So happy that we thought we’d share some of them with you…


On social media…

“Congrats and welcome to the neighborhood!”


“Exciting news! iStopOver is becoming a part of @9flats […] congrats folks!”


Press reaction…

“bringing 9flats offering to over 100,000 beds globally” Tech Crunch
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“peer-to-peer accommodation service 9flats just got a whole lot bigger”GigaOM
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“It’s a significant deal for 9flats – acquiring iStopOver will add around 50,000 listed beds, mostly in English-speaking cities such as Toronto and New York […]” Venture Village
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“9flats […] has some tested travel minds behind the steering wheel. Look for some fun movement in the U.S. as they begin to seriously compete.”
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“9flats and iStopOver joined up to conquer the world!” thesocialbureau
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Plus… articles in The Next Web, Tnooz and El Economista and more.

Messages from iStopOver users…

We had this lovely email from an iStopOver user which made us smile:
“I commend you & your team for a very fluid and positive transition […] Usually, these announcements are done in a very impersonal and sterile way … all business (and not in a good way). But seeing as 9flats business *is* about people and places and the connection in between, it’s commendable that you not only espouse that philosophy, but that you invite us in, give us reasons to explore what’s there, and inspire us (even more) to step beyond the threshold of our front door into someone else’s front door and see the world from a whole new home. Isn’t that what it’s all about, anyway?!
Austin, Texas, USA

…and this very nice reply to our host relationship manager Denise‘s email to iStopOver hosts:

“Hello Denise….. I have a question for you….. When are you coming to visit us….!!! We want to change your mind about your best trip…

Golden, British Columbia,  Canada

Thanks a lot everyone! And we’re looking forward discovering the Americas with you. Like we said, more news next month when the changeover is complete.


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Written by , August 13, 2012