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Roland Garros tennis fever

Get ready for more than 15 days of tennis fever and tourism around the “Porte d’Auteuil”. Once in the possession of tickets to the tournament, the next step but not the least, is to get a place to stay. Roland Garros is right in the middle of the parisian golden triangle Auteuil – Neuilly – Passy, made famous by French comedians “les inconnus” so we had to be creative to find affordable places to stay in the area.

Roland Garros

For the smartest of us the solution is simple, have a quick lap around  or just check out this great apartment.

Have you ever wondered who is Roland Garros? He is a famous French aviator, who died in battle during the First World War.

Before leaving this world, the made the first aerial crossing of the Mediterranean, he has also developed a technique for firing through the propeller of a fighter, just the equivalent of a passing shot in tennis, no?


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Written by , May 20, 2011