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Scotland – “The Best Wee Country in the World?”

Hi, I’m Andy – a property scout with Over the next few months I will writing blog entries which are all about Scotland.

Scotland is many things to many people and according to the then First Minister, Jack McConnell, is “The Best Wee Country in the World.” I’m not sure I agree with that statement, mainly because it is such a subjective matter and also since it is rather elitist because it suggests that all other “wee” countries aren’t as good.

Quotes aside, Scotland is an interesting country which attracts visitors for reasons as diverse as its’ outdoor activities, from skiing to sailing to diving to rock climbing, to its’ cities, ancient heritage and international events.

Apart from a couple of years travelling around Asia with ski seasons in France in between, I have spent all my life in Scotland. I live in Glasgow but have sailed all around the West coast as well as climbed and skied through many of the mountains. Consequently, I have a fairly good knowledge of the country.

The aim of this blog is to try and give a local’s perspective which will hopefully be useful to any visitors. I will be covering different regions and looking at some of the big events, some history, our food and also some outdoor activities. Please comment and ask questions as this will help with future articles. You can also ask any questions to hosts you are staying with before you arrive to get some great local information, this is one of the many advantages of travelling with

The next article is coming very soon and is focused on Glasgow.


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Written by , July 28, 2011