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Songs to inspire you to travel

Looking for inspiration for where to go on your next trip? You could randomly stick a pin in a map, you could browse through 9flats accommodation listings or…you could listen to the music below, and let your favourite song be the deciding factor of where you go.

Perhaps my short musical lineup is not as hip as the lineup for the Berlin Festival (we have tickets to give away over on our facebook page before Sept 07, 2011). For now though, buckle up and let’s go on a musical journey to inspiring places!

Speaking of Berlin, it’s first on the list, courtesy of Sugarplum Fairy, a slightly melancholic song which perhaps conjures up more the feeling of Germany’s capital city in Autumn or Winter than in the summer when Berlin is bursting with life and happiness.

How about visiting fair city where the girls are so pretty? And they are in Dublin town. Here is Fiffin Market’s version of Molly Malone – a song known by every Dubliner, who will inevitably end up singing it after one too many Guinesses ; )

Next up and near to Dublin, London city. Of course we all know that London is going to be packed full of visitors from all over the world for the 2012 Olympics, however, aside from that major sporting event, London remains on many people’s must-see places to visit. “You might laugh you might frown walking round London town.”

And last but of course not least, considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, the wonderful Paris. The song I’ve chosen is an oldie ‘La romance de Paris’ by Charles Trénet for those hoping to bring l’amour into their lives.

Berlin Dublin London Paris

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Written by , September 5, 2011