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Three flats and one dinner in Berlin

It feels strange sleeping in someone else’s apartment when your own flat is located in the same city. But if it’s in Berlin-Mitte and five times your own place’s size, I could deal with it! In fact, it wasn’t so bad – Eike and sausage dog Frida were waiting outside the house to hand over the keys and give me a tour of the flat. Living in Berlin is all about being hip – hip food, hip clubs and hip apartments and thus attaining some ‘Berliner flair’. So Eike’s apartments seemed perfect, and so I arranged to view three of them.

Sunny Apartment at the Zionskirchplatz

This apartment is in center of Berlin and has an amazing view of the Zionskirchplatz.


Awesome Apartment in Berlin-Mitte/ Prenzlauer Berg

My new home – for one night, at least.

The third place I viewed was his own, where I was invited for dinner for pasta, cheese platter and fantastic entertainment. A perfect evening, Berlin style!


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Written by , April 3, 2011