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Travel, community and friendship


The first thing you notice on 9flats.comis of course the photos of the range of cool apartments we offer. However, that is not the only benefit to 9flats – there is also the social networking aspect of our website to consider. When you log in as a guest or a host, you’ll notice that you can befriend other 9flats members and start to communicate with people in different countries.

This community aspect of 9flats allows both hosts and guests to talk with each other about practical matters such as the rental or booking of accommodation – but don’t forget that it also serves as a way to make new friends! If a friend is merely a stranger that you haven’t met yet, then 9flats allows you to contact those people that you would never otherwise had the pleasure of getting to know.
Imagine you are a 9flats host, with a room to rent in your house or apartment – a guest contacts you through 9flats and you talk online. The guest books with you for a few days, and you eventually  both meet in reality. Perhaps you find you have things in common, shared interests and passions, and just maybe, long after your guest has left, you both continue to keep in touch and find that a new friendship has been formed.
Many 9flats hosts are happy to impart their knowledge of events, things to see and do in their locale – such as Gert the host that Christine Neder stayed with – this is what is special about 9flats – not only do you get to browse through cool apartments, you also have the possibility to get get local insights and insider knowledge from many of our hosts.
All of this adds up to a unique travel experience which fosters not only travel, but also community, communication and friendship.

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Written by , June 30, 2011