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Travel Tips – travelling with children

What to pack for a holiday is surely one of the most difficult things about going on a journey. You pack too much or too little or the wrong things. If you add kids into the equation it becomes even more difficult to remember to bring everything you might need.

First thing to do is buy your kids their own suitcases on wheels, or a small backpack. Your children can bring them onto the plane and fill them with toys, colouring books and games to keep them amused during the journey.

Second thing to do is make a list! Once you have your list of things you need to bring, get your children involved with packing. This should make the preparation for the trip fun for them and (if you have a system going) less stressful for you. As each item gets popped into a suitcase, cross it off your list.

Small accidents, falls and scrapes can happen at any time. Pack a small first aid kit – if you want to bring this in your carry-on luggage on a flight, check your airline’s regulations regarding bringing things like tweezers and liquids such as antiseptic creams in your carry-on luggage.

Bring some sugar-free sweets for your kids to suck on – this helps their ears to pop during flight take-off and should help prevent your kids getting distressed from ear-ache.

In your hand luggage, pack lightweight synthetic small blankets and if possible little mini pillows – the temperature on an aeroplane usually drops leaving passengers feeling chilly. If you are not flying, available blankets and pillows mean that sleepy children can be made comfortable.

Pack two swimsuits for each child – no one likes having to put on cold, damp swimwear swimsuits that have not yet dried. Packing two means there is always another dry one available. Likewise, socks and underwear – these will undoubtedly get lost and soiled, so bring double the amount that you think you need.

We have lots more tips for travelling with children, so check back to the 9flats blog soon for the next entry on this topic.




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Written by , July 4, 2011