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Welcome to our 9flats blog

My name is Mareike and together with Juan, I will be posting background stories from the 9flats team and 9flats travelers and hosts.

I am really excited about the concept of 9flats.com. People like us can list their spare guest room or sofa to make some money AND travel to other hosts all around the world for just little money. I love to travel and learn more about how people live in other parts of the world. Even just in Europe, there are over 50 countries! Imagine how many interesting stories, typical habits, different kinds of humor you can find in all those cultures. And how many different styled cities, cafés, beaches, old buildings, restaurants, parks and boutiques you could visit! I love this variety and believe it is so much fun seeing those places and getting to know locals and hear their stories.

9flats.com comes alive through all those locals, listing their place to letting travelers stay with them. And through all the travelers who love exploring other countries.

I am looking forward to telling stories about those hosts and travelers. If you have an exciting vacation coming up, let me know via email: mareike@9flats.com. We would love to hear your story too!

Traveler’s Greetings! ;-)


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Written by , March 2, 2011

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