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Get involved! Send us your photos, videos and blog posts of course is all about cool properties – browsing through them, booking them, or renting them out. However, being registered on means you’re also part of a world-wide community. So why not share your experiences with your community through stories, pictures and videos?

How? Here’s some suggestions for guests, hosts and bloggers:

9flats Guests:
Have you travelled somewhere and stayed in accommodation? Did you have a wonderful time? Of course you probably took lots of photos (or maybe even a video) of your accommodation and the fun times you had on your trip. Maybe the accommodation or location was amazing; perhaps you met a wonderful host who gave you great information on things to do in the area.

Well, don’t keep it to yourself! Inspire others to stay in the same place by sharing your superb photos with people across the world.

Here’s what to do:

Send us links to your photos or videos and we’ll tell our fans and followers about them.

Already published images or videos online want more people to see them? Just mail us the link and we’ll tell everyone about it!

9flats Hosts:


Apart from the main website, we’re also on facebook. Posting links to your 9flats property on our facebook pages is a great way to further promote your property. We’re happy for you to post a link to your accommodation on any of our pages.

(Don’t forget we have pages in a number of languages – just search facebook e.g. for – Deutschland, or – France and so on.
Like the page and post your link).

How else can I further promote my 9flats accommodation?

Upload photos of your property to flickr or picassa and send us the links. How about videos? Have you made one about the accommodation you offer? Moving images of your property and its location are a great way for people to get a more rounded view of what you offer. Simply upload your videos on Youtube and again don’t forget to send us the links so we can help tell the world about your accommodation.



Have a video, but not sure how to edit it? Send your footage to us, if it is of good quality, we’ll edit it for you and upload it to our official Youtube page, and of course we will also , include a link to your 9flats property listing.



9flats hosts – Like writing? Why not write a good quality blog post about your 9flats property, just as host Christanne B did. Tell us about your property, what you offer, about the local area, the great places to eat and things to do. We’ll publish your blog entry, include your 9flats photos and link back to your 9flats listing.

9flats guests – We’re happy to have your blog entries too! If you love travelling, have stayed at one of our properties and want to tell the world about it, send us in your blog entry about your trip (a few photos would be great too) and we’ll publish it on our official 9flats blog.

Bloggers – Looking for something to blog about? Why not write about 9flats on your blog? Send us the link to your blog entry and we’ll spread the word about your blog post through our social networks. Have you lots of readers? Are you travelling somewhere and want to stay in 9flats accommodation and to then write about it? Get in touch and we’ll help you out.

Questions? Suggestions? Just email and we’d be glad to help.

PS: Don’t forget! If you’ve published 9flats related blog posts, photos or videos online, remember to share the link with your friends and contacts too!

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Written by , July 9, 2011